Our Pastor

Pastor Paul Rutschow has served Peace since August 2005.  He and his family moved here from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, where he spent his first 8 years in the ministry.  Pastor Rutschow grew up in the suburbs of Chicago as the eldest of 3 children.  He went to high school and college at Northwestern Prep/College in Watertown, WI; after receiving his bachelor's degree he attended Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI where he received a master's degree in theology.  Pastor served his vicar year of training at Grace Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda, CA.  After his vicar year he took a one-year call as a religion teacher at Arizona Lutheran Academy in Phoenix before returning to the Seminary for his final year of schooling. Pastor particularly enjoys teaching Bible classes and interacting with his members, as well as writing and preaching sermons. On his off time, he enjoys sports, biking, travel and anything that involves our beautiful northern Arizona scenery.  Pastor and his wife, Johannah, have three children: David, age 21; Elizabeth, age 19; and Mark, age 18.